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How to be intimidating

penetrating question is more powerful than a series of nitpicking pokes.Take your thinking up to a higher, conceptual level. He strides up to the front of the room and glowers at the students, then launches into a no-nonsense monologue that quickly establishes Snape’s intimidating persona.He ends by targeting Harry personally, deriding him as “our new celebrity.”Chances are you consider yourself a much warmer, more likable speaker than that–more of a Dumbledore than a Snape.You might start with one rhetorical question like, “We looked at the data and wondered, why is that number x?

Most of us do not deliberately try to intimidate others.

Try squeezing your face together, crunching all your features up into the middle of your face–then release them. Once you get the muscles stimulated and you practice making faces, you’ll discover over time that when you concentrate on what you’re saying, you won’t actually have to “emote”–your face will naturally convey more feeling. They also know how and when to pause for dramatic effect.

But when you have a difficult message to communicate, you might struggle to be precise.

You may think those pauses add some gravity and drama to what you’re saying, but they’re wondering what’s wrong. Listeners may even find that intimidating, especially if you’re in a position of power.

The solution is to stop focusing on your actual words and start focusing on your rhythm instead. Let your Repetition isn’t necessarily a bad speaking strategy.

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